• Where is the Hand of Destiny studio located?

     4328 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, California, 90004. We are nestled in between mom and pop shops on Kingsley drive right along Beverly boulevard. 

  • What’s the parking situation?

        There is metered parking on Beverly blvd. Check signs in neighborhood for permit required hours. The metro red line is a 15 minute walk from Beverly and Vermont.

  • I’ve never worked with clay before. Do you offer a class for newbies?

      Yes, we offer an Introduction to Pottery class, as well as an All Levels Wheel class. Both are great for beginners. We are a small studio so our classes are always small.

  • What type of handbuilding techniques do you teach?

      Coiling, pinching and slab building. You can learn to make something as simple as a bowl or as intricate as any design you can imagine.

  • How do I reserve a spot in one of the classes?

         To sign up for classes click here!

  • How should I prep for class?

      Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty, trim your nails, wear your hair up if it’s long, and remove jewelry. We can provide a smock if necessary.

  • Can I reschedule my class once I've signed up?

Rescheduling is not recommended. It is at the studio's convenience. Only one reschedule is issued per booking. All members of said booking to be rescheduled will be included in the new date and time.
A date and time will be issued for the reschedule. The date and time offered are the only and final date as the solution for the reschedule and is at the sole discretion of the studio. There will be a $13 per person reschedule fee. You will receive an invoice from Hand Of Destiny via email when you reschedule with me. Most classes are rescheduled within in 7-10 days. In rare instance, classes may be rescheduled with in 10 -20 days. You must pay the reschedule fee on time in order to attend the class date and times issued as the rescheduled for you and or your guest's

  • Is the potter’s wheel difficult to learn?

     Learning anything new takes a bit of practice. Getting used to the wheel may take some time and your first try may be challenging. After moving the clay on the wheel for 30mins or so you will start to understand how the clay works as a force against your hand. You may need to take more than one class if your aim is to make a specific object.

  • Do you have a wheel class for young children/toddlers?

     Yes, our studio has a special wheel for the youngest potters. Destiny, the owner, is a former educator. Her studies focused on early childhood development and education practices. This is one of her favorite classes to lead!

  • Do you have membership to the studio?

Yes, memberships are female identifying persons. Membership space is limited. Membership is a 30 day all access to studio for personal development. All clay is purchased through the studio and not included in membership fees. For more info and membership fees please email contact@handofdestinyceramics.com

  • Do you offer kiln services?

Yes, we do offer kiln services upon consultation. Email contact@handofdestinyceramics.com for requirements and fees.

  • Can I reserve the studio for a group lesson?

Yes, we offer private instruction for groups. Please email contact@handofdestinyceramics.com. 

  • Do you sell your pottery?

Yes, we do - please see our SHOP

  • Can men take classes?

Yes, all male identifying persons are more than welcome to attend all classes listed on our schedule!