We teach a variety of classes. All classes are taught at our studio at 4328 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. For more information on our classes below, feel free to contact us. 


Intro to Pottery Wheel

This 2 hour class is designed for those who have never used the wheel or who are working on basic skills. This is also the class you would take if you want to be considered for membership! The one time class includes wedging, centering clay on wheel, pulling clay, and throwing basic cylinder forms. At the end of class you will pick your glaze colors and the studio will glaze and trim your work. There is never more than 4 people in this class. This way, our students can receive individualized attention.

Kids Pottery

This two hour class is great for young people between the ages of 6-15 .Young guest will be lead through the basics for wheel practice.The goal for this class is an open faced vessel.This is similar to a bowl or a saucer dish. Playdate/meetup(s) of more than 4 youths is a handbuilding experience.The studio can accommodate up to 8 guest for these request.

Intro to Handbuilding

Hand-building is the oldest and most primitive form of working with clay. Explore all aspects of creating with clay off the wheel. You will be introduced to the slab roller and guided through a project that you want to create or two prearranged projects of the studio's choice. Projects range from pinch pots ,coil ,slab building,Slab draping.A great experience for everyone and all ages.. 

Advanced Pottery

These classes are offered in 4 week or 12 week blocks. These are themed,Informative,fun and focused. Our aim is to make a collection of items. This is suitable for persons that have had at least 2-3 classes prior to sign up..

In advanced Pottery we meet at a prearranged timeonce a week for class instruction& discussion .We will review silhouette shapes,form and function for on going projects.

 People signed up for  Advanced potters have weekly Open Studio access TBA.

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